Monday, 14 October 2013

Holiday tips for eco-friendly winter getaway

With rising awareness about the environment, more and more people are making efforts to plan holidays that are environmentally friendly. If you are making plans for winter getaway, here are some tips that would help save the energy, environment, and of course your money.

  • Explore green traveling options. Traveling by aircraft is indeed one of the biggest causes of air pollution. Travel by train. You can not only help reduce green house emissions by planning a train journey, buy you can also enjoy amazing views of nature on your way to the holiday destination. If you are traveling by car, rent cars that are hybrid or those that run on biodiesel.

  • Stay at eco hotels or green holiday resorts. Such holiday accommodations are committed to sustainable holidays. You can add your part in reducing the impact of environmental footprint by re-using your towels and bed sheets and bringing in your own toiletries. Staying in a holiday camp is yet another way of enjoying green holidays.

  • If you are traveling to Nicaragua, travel by foot to see local sights. You can may also rent a bike or indulge in cycling to reduce your carbon footprint on the environment.

It’s quite easy to plan and enjoy eco-friendly holidays. With a little information and small efforts, you can be a part of the significant change!!

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